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I have designed Level Up Brush Calligraphy to take the stress out of learning this amazing skill by separating all 26 Minuscule (LOWERCASE) letters into 4 levels. This way, you can start with a small group of letters to learn and practice. Each level is designed to teach you how to create letters with a brush pen in order of difficulty. You start with the most basic letters with simple brush strokes in Level 1 and then all the way to Level 4 with the most complex brushstrokes. Along the way, I will encourage you to celebrate every victory and milestone in your lettering journey and guide you with detailed instruction and illustrated visuals. This workbook will teach you everything you need to know to get you started on your brush calligraphy journey! Here is what this 40+ page workbook will include…

*** Get To Know Your Brush Pen: Hand drawn, detailed visuals on the anatomy of a brush pen, how to hold it properly and how to care for them.

*** NEW FEATURE: Become a Level Up EXPERT in 30 Days! A planner to guide you through the entire book in 30 days! This is not JUST a planner… it’s also a social media challenge with REAL PRIZES you can earn at your own pace! 

***Achievement Unlocked: A page dedicated to celebrating your big and little victories you’ve made throughout your lettering journey through this workbook. 

*** Level 1- BEGINNER: Contains Lower Case Letters i, t, w, n, m, v and x. Starting with the very basic strokes that will make up the letters you will learn. These letters are very simple and perfect for those that are trying to get the hang of controlling their brush pen. 

*** Level 2- INTERMEDIATE: Contains Lower Case Letters f, h, j, l, and y.This next group is smaller than the first, but the strokes are slightly more difficult. I keep the groups of letters in each level small, so that you can learn this skill without feeling overwhelmed by setting small and attainable goals. 

Level 3- ADVANCED: Contains Lower Case Letters o, a, b, c, d, e, p, g, and q.This is a big one! By the time you reach this level, you’ll have done lots of practice with your brush pen in previous levels. 

*** Level 4- UNIQUE LETTERS: Contains Lower Case Letters k, r, s and z. These letters all have brush strokes that are unique to each letter and not found in any other. 

*** All Together Now: A practice sheet with all 26 Minuscules (LOWERCASE) in alphabetical order.

*** Connections: 3 worksheets designed to help you learn to connect letters into words in a fun way!

*** Flying Solo: Blank Calligraphy guides for practice WITHOUT TRACING!! You can do it!

*** ALL ACCESS PASS: Join my private Facebook Group, Level Up Brush Calligraphy! Get access to my teaching videos, free worksheets and more! Here you can join brush calligraphy learners from all over the world and share your journey together. Let us all encourage and cheer for one another!


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