Level Up Brush Calligraphy Majuscules Workbook Digital Download


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It’s FINALLY here! Yes your eyes are working just fine, these books are PRINTED BABY! They are also printed in landscape format so that you can enjoy even more room and surface to practice your brush calligraphy. Have you mastered Level Up Brush Calligraphy Minuscules ( a fancy word for lower case letters) and need a new challenge? Take your Brush lettering adventure to the next level with Level Up Brush Calligraphy MAJUSCULES ( a fancy word for upper case letters)! Continue your learning by practicing your lettering with the Level Up Calligraphy Method with these elegant and challenging letters. Just like in the Minuscules book, you’ll learn all 26 Majuscule letters in order of difficulty, and in 4 small, manageable levels (groups). This 52+ page workbook is packed with lots of detailed and encouraging guidance, plus tons of fun and engaging practice pages!

**NEW FEATURE: Now you can become a Level Up EXPERT in just 30 days with a guided planner inside! It’s not just a planner though… it is also a social media challenge with PRIZES you can earn at YOUR OWN PACE!!! Calligraphy can be a wonderful source of peace and is PROVEN by Art Therapy Professionals all over the world to reduce mental and physical stress. By Learning to hand letter in calligraphy all 52 letters of the alphabet, you will have the creative freedom and skill to make 100’s of handmade gifts like envelope addressing, home decor,  place cards, and fashion! Create for friends, family, yourself or even make some cash with a side hustle!


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