Flying Solo Calligraphy Grid Book


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Flying Solo was created for practicing your Brush Calligraphy or Pointed Pen Calligraphy without tracing! You still have the safety net of 2 different types of calligraphy guide lines which is so important for practicing! Utilizing calligraphy guid lines helps you maintian consistency of size, shape and slant in your letters.


The Flying Solo Calligraphy Grid Book is printed in landscape format for lots of writing and practicing space. The book includes 2 types of grids…


PRACTICE = PROGRESS GRID: These guidelines are fantastic for beginner handlettering and calligraphy learners. Each row is clearly sparated and all of your lines are labled for easy lettering practice.


CREATIVE FREEDOM GRID: Thes grids are for intermediate practice  and PERFECT for pointed pen weilders! The  X-Height is marked on each row with a vertical line to mark the page’s center, making it a  great tool for drafting designs for envelopes, place cards and other art work.


This 30+ page book is a wonderful companion to the Level Up Brush Calligraphy Workbooks!


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