Learn Calligraphy In 30 Days!

Learn Calligraphy In 30 Days

The Level Up Calligraphy Method will keep you motivated and engaged with fun exercises, a planner, and  REAL PRIZES!

Yeah, you read that right. REAL PRIZES! I’ll get into that in just a sec. Hello, my friends! This week, we are going to get up close and personal with my Level Up Brush Calligraphy Workbooks! These beauties are 2 years in the making and are now FINALLY available PRINTED! 

I have poured my whole heart and then some into these books. The Level Up Method has been developed and inspired by my many students over the years and my own experiences as I struggled to learn this AMAZING art form.

Calligraphy Practice From Day 1

When I started Learning Brush Calligraphy, I ran into a big issue with sticking to a good habit of practice. I would get a good momentum going with daily practice, and then I would stop doing it for whatever reason or distraction it was at the time. Sometimes it was just plain difficult to be patient and motivated to practice on a consistent basis. 

A Calligraphy Workbook With A Planner! 

The 30 Day Calligraphy Planner

The Level Up Brush Calligraphy Workbooks are designed to teach you with guided instruction AND keep you motivated to stick with it! In the beginning of each book, you’ll find a 30 Day Planner to help you get from Level 1: Beginner to Level 4: Expert!

As a mom, I know that positive reinforcement is super effective with my kids when I am trying to get them to complete a task. That’s why I created the #LEVELUPCALLIGRAPHYMISSION ! This is a points system to help you stay on track, encouraged AND EARN REAL PRIZES

Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It…

Each day, I will give you an assignment to complete, designed to be no more than 15-20 minutes long. As you complete each one, I will ask you to share your progress on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #LEVELUPCALLIGRAPHYMISSION and tag me @KAYLATOTHELETTER to earn your points. The more points you rack up, the better your prizes get!

Check Out This Video of The Level Up Brush Calligraphy Workbook Walkthrough AND Join Me In The 30 Day Calligraphy Challenge!!

Let Me Break It Down For You

  1. Complete your daily task

  2. Snap a pic of it

  3. Share it on Facebook or Instagram and include @kaylatotheletter AND #LEVELUPCALLIGRAPHYMISSION

  4. Message me when you are ready to cash in! 

So, What Is The Best Way To Learn Calligraphy?

Take Me To The Workbooks!

A big mistake I made when I first started learning the brush calligraphy alphabet was I tried to learn fully formed letters in alphabetical order. It made perfect sense at the time because that was how we all learned to write the letters of the alphabet as kids right? MAN, was I WRONG!

The process of calligraphy is WAY different than normal handwriting so the learning process is a lot different too! 

Level 1 In Level Up Majuscules

In calligraphy, you are building letters of the alphabet with basic shapes called letter forms. That means when you learn calligraphy, you have to start with learning those shapes before you even get to learn how to create an alphabet letter! Some shapes are more difficult to create than others.

What The Heck Is “The Level Up Method”?


In the Level Up Brush Calligraphy Series, I teach you all 26 letters in order of difficulty rather than in alphabetical order. I have organized all of the letters into small groups, or as I call them, levels, so that you begin with the letters containing the most simple and basic shapes in Level 1: Beginner, all the way up to Level 4: Expert. 

Learning the calligraphy alphabet in small groups makes it manageable and feel more rewarding when you complete each one, rather than learning all 26 letters at once. It is so overwhelming to look at all of those letters and try to learn them all. It seems so daunting and unattainable, ESPECIALLY if you are trying to learn them in alphabetical order!

That’s a wrap for today my friends! These books are the heart and soul of Kayla To The Letter. When you purchase one or join my Level Up Brush Calligraphy Facebook Group, you become my student! I invest time and love into all of them. I will personally guide you, encourage you and cheer loudly for you.

It is my hope that your life is blessed by this art form as much as mine has been. I hope you’ll join me in this fun and rewarding 30 plan in the #LEVELUPCALLIGRAPHYMISSION ! Take some time to pick up a book and follow along with me here in the blog and on YouTube in the Kayla To The Letter Network! Are you excited?! reach out to me in the comments below or in the DM’s of Instagram and Facebook if you need some guidance or just want to say hi!! My digital door is always open. See you next time!


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