Toolbox -3 The Baller Budget Box For Brush Calligraphy Beginners

Toolbox #3: The BALLER Budget Box For Beginners in Brush Calligraphy

Toolbox #3- The BALLER Budget Box For Beginners In Brush Calligraphy

What’s inside Toolbox #3? All the tools from boxes 1 and 2 AND A TON MORE to set you up for creating with your calligraphy for a long time! 

This is it. The Mac Daddy of Calligraphy Toolboxes. The Supreme Leader. The Big One. For those that are motivated, ready to invest, MASTER this skill, and even make some money doing it, THIS. IS. THE TOOLBOX! 

From even more Pentel Sign Brush Pens AND some new shades from Marvy Uchida to the perfect guideline tool to layout any design you can think of!

Before we dive in, let’s take stock of the supplies from the previous two toolboxes since they will all be included in the Baller Budget Box too. If you’d like to see the details of these products and why they are all amazing calligraphy and lettering beginner tools click HERE for Toolbox #1 and HERE for Toolbox #2.

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Toolbox #1 Supply List

  1. ArtBin Quick View Deep Base Art & Craft Box
  2. Level Up Brush Calligraphy Minuscules Workbook (Digital or Print)
  3. Hammermill Premium Color 32lb Copy Paper
  4. Flying Solo Calligraphy Grid Book
  5. Strathmore 300 Series Tracing Paper
  6. Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pens (2 pack)
  7. Pentel Fude Touch Sign Pens (3 pack)
  8. Ticonderoga Dixon #2 HB Pencils

Price Range: $48.00 – $76.00

Toolbox 2

Toolbox #2: The Healthy Budget Box

  1. All supplies from Toolbox #1
  2. Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Brush Pen 10 Color Set
  3. Tombow MONO Drawing Pencil Set
  4. Rhodia Grid Pad
  5. Canson XL Mixed Media Paper

Price Range: $129.00 – $157.00

What was that? You want MORE? let’s finally open up Toolbox #3…




Marvy Uchida Le Pen Flex Pastel Set –

Here is a new set for you to try! And look! Pastel colors! Aren’t they gorgeous? I chose Marvy Uchida Le Pen Flex to join the Baller Budget Box because they are designed a little bit differently than other brush pens and have a bit of a different feel. Most brush pens are made with a felt based tip. The Le Pen Flex is made with a rubber based tip!

LePen Flex Pastes Demo

They are still very beginner friendly but it is always good to try new tools and new colors to explore what they have to offer. Now, you have a wide variety of different pens and colors to play with! You’re welcome 😉

Pentel Fude Touch Sign 6pc Cool Color Set

Pentel Fude Touch Sign Pen New Colors with Steve

These colors from Pentel’s Fude Touch Sign Pens (Fine) are BRAND NEW and aren’t they GORGEOUS? If you’d like to learn more about these pens, Take a look at the description in the  Toolbox #1 Post

Take a look at the swatches below to see how beautiful these colors are! This Picture does NOT do them justice, so pick these up and play with them in your FREE Toolbox #3 Supplies Guide!

Pentel Fude Touch Sign Pen New Colors

These pens are highly sought after and are only available in select countries. The link that I share with you to find these is, in fact, an Amazon link! It is shipped from Japan, but they arrived at my door in just 5 days and they are simply wonderful to write with! These will be LOVELY to use in your FREE Toolbox #3 Supplies Guide!

Blackwing Pencils

Blackwing Pearl Pencils

These are the pencils. The best pencils your hard earned money can buy. Blackwing pencils might just be my absolute favorite writing and calligraphy tool.

They are not only beautiful but they write the way your most plushy, snuggly blanket feels on a chilly winter night. Soft, smooth and oh so satisfying.

Blackwing pencils are made with the finest materials in the world, including Genuine Incense-cedar from California and premium Japanese graphite. The graphite is nice and soft, giving you Beautiful thin and thick dark lines without excessively sharpening your pencil. They last such a long time!

Blackwing Extendable Eraser

You’ll notice that their erasers are rectangular because they feature a specially designed ferrule, allowing you to extend or replace the eraser which is freakin genius! These pencils last so long that you’ll have to replace the eraser at least 2 or 3 times! I have been using my box of 12 Blackwing Pearls for over 2 years and I still have 4 left! These pencils might be pricey, but they are SO WORTH IT!

Ink Me This Calligraphy Envelope Ruler

InkMeThis Envelope Calligraphy Ruler

There are a lot of envelope rulers on the market right now. The list is endless in Amazon. Most of them are pretty much the same. Unfortunately NONE of them are designed for calligraphy! 

Kestrel Montes is the owner of Ink Me This and she has developed so many amazing calligraphy tools. This one is my favorite! This ruler has been so handy for creating calligraphy guidelines and templates for envelopes, place cards, and so much more! It makes your layout perfectly oriented with proper slant lines make your calligraphy precise, clean and high quality. This is especially important for any projects you might do for a client in a side hustle!

Toolbox #3 Flat Lay

The Toolbox Price Breakdown

  1. EVERYTHING from Toolbox #2
  2. Marvy Uchida LaPen Flex Pastel Set
  3. Pentel Fude Touch Sign 6pc Cool Color Set
  4. Blackwing Pencil Set
  5. Ink Me This Calligraphy Envelope Ruler

Price Range: $195.00 – $223.00

That’s a wrap for the Calligraphy Beginner’s Toolbox Series, my friends! Be sure to download your FREE Toolbox #3 Supplies Guide to complete your collection of all 3 toolboxes! Which toolbox do you think suits you best? If you are like me, I would LOVE to snag that BALLER Toolbox!

In a more realistic world, I started out with the essentials in calligraphy supplies from Toolbox #1 and then gradually added on to it over time. 

 I hope this series was helpful to you in your calligraphy journey. I plan on doing a lot of blog posts and demonstrations with these tools in the future so that you can see them in action! If you liked this series, please share what you learned, or just say hello. Before you go, be sure to subscribe so that you can stay in touch with me and even get some freebies! Need some guidance? My digital door is always open!


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