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My Handwriting Sucks!

Hi, I am a Calligrapher… And My Handwriting Sucks.

I’m here to squash your hang-ups about learning Calligraphy / Hand Lettering and tell you why nice handwriting is NOT a requirement to succeed!

My normal, every-day handwriting really does suck. In fact, at times, it’s barely legible! I mean, look at it it ( palm to face, and points to picture on the right). That statement was my excuse for every time I admired that beautiful script lettering we have come to know as Calligraphy. It’s pretty much everywhere these days and we spend A TON of money on it. Clothes, stickers, walls, décor, logos, planners, notebooks, wedding invitations, signs… I could go on.

Have you ever considered creating your own? Oh, that’s right… your handwriting sucks, or you’re left-handed, and you just can’t write like that, and yadda, yadda.  Here’s the thing, though… Calligraphy is not always considered handwriting! At least not in the way we define handwriting to be.

So, What IS Calligraphy?

While it is a form of writing, Calligraphy is not defined and characterized the same way as someone’s natural way of writing in normal circumstances ( like writing a quick note or message.).

The Oxford Dictionary defines Calligraphy as ” The art of drawing or producing decorative writing or lettering with a brush or pen.”

Did you notice something interesting about that?

Calligraphy is not just considered writing. Calligraphy is also considered DRAWING!

 “But Kayla, I also SUCK at drawing! There’s nothing left to believe in anymore!” Well, as The Fairy Godmother would say, “Nonsense child!” Fairy Godmother

It’s true. I, including every single artist on the planet sucked at drawing at one point in their life. The Lettering and Calligraphy world is filled with INCREDIBLE artists that have terrible handwriting, lefties, and those with physical disabilities and limitations. Check out Chen Siyuan… SHE WRITES WITH BOTH HANDS AND FEET SIMULTANEOUSLY!!

Bottom line…

if you’ve got hands (and feet apparently), then you can learn Calligraphy. What’s the secret sauce? Here are the 3 main ingredients my friends…

1.    Throw away Hang-Ups

2.    Take ACTION

3.    Practice. A LOT.

Throw Away The Hang-Ups:

This is important. Your hang-ups are bullies that want to cripple you from beginning and especially achieving anything. Be aware of where your mind goes. Hang-Ups can form without you even realizing it. When you start to compare yourself to others, make mistakes, listen to the “nay-sayers,” that negative emotion, emotional inhibition ( AKA Hang- Ups) creeps in. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life, so surround yourself with positive people and things!

Cut out Can't

Enter the Level Up Brush Calligraphy Group!

I have a Facebook Group dedicated to Brush Calligraphy and Lettering Learners called Level Up Brush Calligraphy. We will build you up, cheer for you and guide you! You’ll find exclusive access to FREE downloads, tutorials and more! Share your work and practice ( the good, bad and ugly), ask questions and get inspired. Click HERE to join!

Level up brush calligraphy Facebook Group

Take Action:

This part should be easy. You’ve got your tribe of positive people and the Hang-Ups are gone. Now, you need to go and do the thing! When it comes to learning any new skill, you need a good teacher and the right tools…

Hi, pal! I’m Kayla, and I would love to guide you on your Calligraphy journey!

Enter the Level Up Brush Calligraphy Workbook!

Level Up Brush Calligraphy Workbook Bundle

This is what I am most passionate about, right here. I love teaching and sharing with others this beautiful, calming, and creative skill. I created these workbooks to help you learn the art of Brush Calligraphy in a positive and stress free way with a method I like to call the Level Up Method. Think of it as the “Call of Duty,” of learning Brush Calligraphy. My husband really likes this reference, haha. Much like you would level up from lower (easier) ranks, on up to higher (more difficult) ranks in the Call of Duty video game, the same concept applies in the Level Up Method. Instead of learning letters in alphabetical order all at once, I have broken the all of the letters into 4 groups that are organized in order of difficulty.

Level up Levels

Level 1: Beginner will contain letters with the most simple brush strokes, or more commonly known as Letter Forms. Level 4: Unique Letter Forms contains all of the letters with the most difficult and complex brush strokes. This is how I have taught all of my students in classes and on LIVE tutorials in the Level Up Brush Calligraphy Facebook Group and it has been very successful! Click HERE to pick up your copy!

Practice. A LOT:

This is the last and probably the most important of all. Season GENEROUSLY and baste OFTEN. What I mean is, you’ll want to practice your Calligraphy very consistently and frequently. 1 hour in one sitting on a Sunday is not nearly as effective or beneficial as 10 minutes a day, 6 days a week.

Here’s why…

This skill is perishable! Your arm and hand need that frequent and consistent Calligraphy exercise to gain dexterity, range of motion, strength and muscle memory. If you practice for an hour one day and do nothing for the rest of the week, your progression is almost wasted by the time you pick up your pen to practice again.

If you want quicker and more successful results, daily practice is the way to go!

LUBC expert in 30 days

The Level Up Brush Calligraphy workbooks are filled with practice sheets and will challenge you to make this practice become a new habit.

Thank You so much for tuning into my very FIRST BLOG POST!

Step Brothers Best Friend GIF

I have A TON of stuff to share with you and I hope you’ll let me be a part of your lettering journey. I have made it super easy to stay in touch with me through my email subscription so that you can see all the KTTL current events, new blog posts, and also a FREE GIFT to go with each post! If you liked this post and you learned something, be sure to leave a comment and follow me on the social links below. Need some guidance? My digital door is always open. See you all next time!

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